Best Overlooked Pizza and Beer in Lincoln

26 04 2008

On a recent Friday evening, Mr. & Mrs. Wisco decided to go to Yia Yia’s, one of our favorite pizza places in Lincoln. Our other favorite is Piezano’s, but we’ll save that for another review. Yia Yia’s is at 1423 O Street.

We arrived about 7:30 or 8:00 on a Friday, and the restaurant was very full. We were lucky to snag a table right by the window in front. Yia Yia’s doesn’t have waitstaff, so everyone orders at the counter. There are a large number of specialty pizzas, as well as the typical ‘make-your-own’. Yia Yia’s has an astounding selection of beer – over 300 of them in fact!! They have beers from all over the world, as well as excellent choices on tap. The display is categorized by region, making it easy to find something froma certain area. Mr. Wisco has a Wychwood Hobgoblin (British), and Mrs. Wisco had a Paulaner Salvator (German).

We ordered a large pizza with sausage and onions on one half, and onions and green peppers on the other half. The place was very busy, but the pizza only took about 15 minutes. The pizza is served with bread on the side – it’s good, but not as good as the pizza.

Our beer choices were fantastic. The Paulaner Salvator is a semi-sweet brown ale, and the Wychwood Hobgoblin is a dark red with lots of flavor. We’ve had these beers before, so the fact that they were great wasn’t surprising. Next time we’ll have to try something new – any suggestions?

The pizza was delicious – the crust is thin and crunchy, the sauce is good, and doesn’t overpower the crust and toppings, there is a perfect amount of cheese (not too much and not too little), and the toppings are all fresh and tasty. In short, it’s a great pizza. A large with two toppings was about $20, but it provided plenty for us to take home for leftovers. A large would probably feed 3-4 people (3 if you’re hungry, 4 if you’re not so hungry). With the beer, our total was about $30.

Yia Yia’s feels like a pub, with pub-style tables. The inside has a décor of brick walls and old giant-sized European posters. It’s definitely a little eclectic, but it has great character.

Overall, Yia Yia’s doesn’t have a large selection of different types of food, it’s a pizza place. But, if you’re looking for some really great pizza with a good selection of toppings, and an unbelievable choice for beer, you can’t beat it.




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29 04 2008

It’s funny that you call Yia Yia’s “overlooked.” I got to a point last year where I was just plain sick of it because my friends always wanted to meet there for pizza. After 6 months away from Lincoln, one of the first things I wanted to do was stick my head in a bucket of their red pesto sauce.

I ate there last night and had a slice of the Pacific (ham, cream cheese, pineapple) with a side of the red pesto to dip my bread in. It really hit the spot. The toppings are fresher and of higher quality than any other pizza joint in town, and the atmosphere, as you said has great character. I’d have to disagree with you on the crust though. I find it somewhat bland and doughy. It’s not terrible, and the great toppings make up for it, but I’ve always thought that their crust was overrated.

29 04 2008

Always a good time to be had there. Their toppings are top notch. I usually end up getting no meat toppings cuz all the other stuff is so good. My wife is a pepperoni only gal and does not find their pizza to be too enjoyable. The good beer and vibe make it a often visited destination for me.

14 05 2008

The vegetarian pizza is amazing and I don’t like most vegetarian dishes. This place is a true gem in this city. Saddle Creek Records in Omaha tried to get them to open up another one in north downtown Omaha in the same building as the Slowdown. That would have been amazing.

29 05 2008

I usually get what I believe is called The Northern-chicken, bacon, broccoli, and baked potato with a cream sauce. Sooo good. The bread really isn’t all that exciting on its own, so I order a side of red or green pesto like Sarah does. I love it.

23 07 2008

Tasty pizza, great atmosphere, reasonable prices. Its probably the best pizza in Lincoln.

2 07 2009

I wouldn’t call YiaYia’s overlooked, but it definitely needs more attention. One of the best pizza joints ever, in many states, there’s nothing bad about the place except maybe how busy it can be sometimes. All of the varieties are great, and I’m with Jim, I am normally a big carnivore, but the veggie is amazing. This is one of those places you bring friends when they come in from out of town.

28 07 2009

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11 08 2009
Dustin Pearson

I would agree…not overlooked…but they could do a better job letting the drive by traffic know that they are a great thin crust pizza place. I think most people drive by the place just thinking it is another bar…never thinking there is great pizza waiting there. Love the artichoke heart on mine! And it is priced just right…by the slice or for a whole pizza. Great unique pizza place right in the heart of lincoln. You can also have it delivered now…

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