Las Herraduras – Delicious Mexican Food

23 04 2009

Well, the Wiscos are back in business! Today we decided to try a new restaurant – Las Herraduras. Las Herraduras opened a couple of months ago, and Mr. Wisco had read good things about it. The restaurant is at First & West O Street, on the north side of the street.

The outside of the restaurant doesn’t have much of a decor, in fact, there aren’t many signs outside. We walked in expecting that it would be very basic on the inside, and were pleasantly surprised by how nice it is on the inside. The owners have done a great job of decorating on the inside. There are smaller tables and larger ones that could accomodate a group.

The restaurant is owned by a couple, and the wife was our server. She brought over some chips and salsa, and asked for our drink order, and the restaurant has applied for their liquor license, but doesn’t have one yet. But, they have a large selection of soda and traditional drinks like horchata. There were three types of salsa served with the chips, and they were all fantastic. One was fairly tangy, made from tomatillos, another had a smoky pepper flavor, and the third was a more traditional salsa. They were obviously all homemade, and all delicious. She asked us if we would like some guacamole also, since they had just made a fresh batch. We couldn’t pass that up, and it was really delicious.

The menu is very extensive, with lots of traditional options. We decided to come in hopes of having good tacos. Mr. Wisco decided to get the Mexican tacos, which come with your choice of meat. He chose chorizo, and he also ordered a side of rice and beans. The tortillas for the tacos are homemade, and they’re the traditional small corn tortillas. Mrs. Wisco decided to get fish tacos. Each of the meals had three tacos. The fish tacos were fantastic – some of the tastiest Mrs. Wisco has ever had. There was lots of fish, and it was really tasty. There was seasoning, onion, and cilantro, and the fish was excellent, as well as the tortillas. Mr. Wisco’s meat was lightly seasoned, but the quality of the meat was so good that it was perfect. The only thing that could be improved with the Mexican tacos was that they could use double tortillas instead of single tortillas – the meat was falling out of the tacos with the single shells. The fish tacos had double tortillas, which worked much better to hold all the delicious filling.

Las Herraduras has desserts that sound good, but we were so full after dinner we couldn’t imagine ordering dessert. In fact, we took an extra taco and some guacamole that we couldn’t finish home with us.

The prices are very reasonable. Our total bill for 2 dinners, a side of guacamole, a side of rice and beans, and 2 drinks (non-alcoholic) was about $30. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the ambiance on the inside was very nice and comfortable. We will definitely be back to eat at Las Herraduras – the opening of this restaurant is a great addition to Lincoln’s dining options.




3 responses

19 05 2009

Glad you’re back in the saddle!

I have been wanting to try this restaurant. I look forward to stopping by for lunch sometime.

$30 seems high to me.

27 05 2009
Mrs. Wisco

Glad to be back! We’re on the lookout for new places to review, but haven’t come across any recently. I agree that the price isn’t cheap, but it is a sit-down restaurant, not a very casual burrito place. The prices are similar to other Mexican restaurants like Las Margaritas or La Mexicana.

27 07 2009

Las Herraduras = Closed

If I were opening a restaurant, I’m not sure I’d want to be reviewed here, based on the recent track record. LOL!

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