About Mr & Mrs Wisco

Welcome to our blog! We hope that you find it entertaining and useful. We also hope that you participate and let us know what you think of our reviews or our blog in general.First, we should answer the question many of you might have – “What’s a DINK?”The acronym DINK stands for “Double Income No Kids”. When we were trying to decide on a name for our blog, we thought about how to best describe ourselves and thats the CliffsNotes version of us. We are relatively new to Lincoln (we moved here in 2005). Before moving here, we lived in Madison, Wisc. and Berkeley, Cali. So, we’ve been fortunate to live in college towns that have a wide variety of food options.In general, we’re fairly adventurous and we prefer locally owned restaurants. Not that we’re above eating at a chain restaurant, but in most cases we find the food more interesting at independent restaurants. We like all types of food – ethnic and classic/contemporary American all provide unique and tasty options. Mr Wisco is willing to try almost anything, while Mrs Wisco avoids red meat and poultry (she’s a pescatarian).In our sampling of Lincoln’s cuisine, we’ve found both high points and low points, and we decided that we could provide a service to Lincoln’s residents by providing reviews of restaurants.

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8 04 2008

Nice work on the site. We have started one as well and we can link to each site if you wish.

Looking forward to reading your reviews.

21 02 2012
Jenna Smith


My name is Jenna and I am wondering if you accepted any guest writing on the site? I’d be very interested so please send me a note if that is something you do on Dink Review. Thanks

Jen S

25 06 2012
Lillia Marty


21 07 2012
Walton Tretina

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2 08 2012
Jason Kinkella

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